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    Finishing/furnishing attic space

    sorry I'm so untechy, but when you say copy the file, how exactly do I do that, and I assume you delete the "fluff" first? What does "ignore top floor" attempt to do? Wait til you see my terrain question. but If I send the file, I would like to address that as well
  2. KristiL

    Finishing/furnishing attic space

    I have a finished basement, first floor with kitchen, dining, etc., 2nd floor of bedrooms, and a full set of stairs going to 3rd floor which is built into the roof line of a center entrance colonial, with a large dog dormer on the rear. I am trying to finish and furnish this 3rd floor and faked a floor of just a few inches in between floors 2 and 3 so I could build into the roof. I can't get walls and siding tp show in 3-D. Is there some other way to successfully build into the roof level. Also can't make a shed dormer on the 2nd floor run into side of house in the plan as it does in real life if there is a solution to that? TY (Don't know how to drag or attach file here. Says it's too big) sking the right question get the right answer. software version = Suite 2018 (but How can I confirm that/year)? Post information about your operating system, video card, memory, and CPU. don't know how