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  1. Thank you JoAnn. This is perfect. Exactly what I needed to move forward. I very much appreciate you taking the time to build and send.
  2. Gotcha- thanks. At this point, I was tying to duplicate what JoAnn had drawn in Pro , so I could adjust door/window placement and heights then play with heights, widths of the Gables in HDSuite 2018. Yes, I think because some of the changes people were helping me with were created in Pro, this prevented me from altering the roof/Gable changes in HDSuite. (In short, I wanted to see a few similar versions of what JoAnn came up with ( note: a 4' sheer wall / driveway side) that the window needs to be accounted for. I will order the monthly HDPro and try it for 30days you suggested.
  3. Thank you. Maybe a glitch in my software, but I cannot click on any wall that is associated or attached to the Gable over the door/window. I think I am in over my head and the learning curve for me is more then I anticipated. I really appreciate everyones time and patience in trying to help guide me, but because my ability / time to learn in time for the construction deadlines is too tight for me to play/learn. I am going to try to hire someone who can help me design this project with/ for me in this Home Designer Suite 2018 / Home Designer Pro 2018. I also posted in the associated Help Sup
  4. Thank you, everyone is so generous on this forum!!!!! The ceiling are perfect and I played with the auto rebuild on/off to see how it changes. How did you build the Gable over the front porch? I am playing around, but cannot move it, delete it etc.
  5. Thank you. Here is the labeled version Feb_5_Update.plan
  6. Thank you. I think the issue I am having is the outside wall (right side of the house looking from the front) is going to be raised to 10' to give us a 10' ceiling in kitchen/dining/living room). The wall running down the middle will also be 10' to allow for the 10 foot ceiling in Kitchen area. However, the other outside wall (left side) will remain at 8', so the ceilings inside the Master bedroom and bathroom , small bath and front living room with bow window will be 8'. Once I adjust the ceiling / wall heights to reflect this, the roofs changes back to hip. That make sense?
  7. I really enjoy playing with the software and creating some designs, but am running out of time for this phase of the design and my contractor needs me to make some decisions. (I did download the free trial version, but have been struggling still with this specific design issue). Hoping to bring / pay someone who has more knowledge (and speed) , then once I get past the roof issues, I can settle back in and enjoy creating the other aspects of the design /construction when it isn't so time sensitive.
  8. Is there anyone who can take my file ('Feb 5th' plan) file and tweak it in Home Designer Pro to look like the attached picture? I am happy to pay someone for their services. (4 and 12'Gable) According to Tech Support, it needs to be created/edited in Home Designer Pro 2018 and sent back to me unlocked so I can open and continue to edit in Home Designer Suite 2018 afterwards. (apparently, if work in done in X9, I will not be able to do any work on it on Home Designer Suite 2018 ). Let me know what you would charge for your services. Thank you in advance - jamesandangeline@hotmail.com
  9. Love the look with the Gables on both sides. Gives us a little east coast vibe. (are you able to share the structure dimensions you used for this model so I can duplicate and tweak as necessary? And yes, we were struggling with the deck design and were considering a "California room" off the the main bedroom (with living room space- tv/fireplace on the solid wall ((left as you walk out the bedroom door), a roof structure over top, and open to the other deck area where we are looking to build in a outdoor kitchen. (we are asking contractor to see if this is possible) If not, love the tiere
  10. I love these designs. Are you doing all this in Home Designer Suite 2018? I also loved the idea with the Gable Roof over the window/door area. This is the idea I have been trying to do the model for - with the full gable roof over a smaller gable roof that covers the bay window area (likely do a project picture window instead). And then try a Gable roof over the door window area (similar to what you drew (attached) but reverse (closer to the door) and maybe a shed roof to extend the remainder (if needed to balance the look). untitled folder.zip
  11. Wow! Some really amazing options. There is a sheer wall (4' wall on the front / door wall- closest to the drive way, so that may impact the window door placement. I am attaching the existing construction as per your request. This software / your contributions have been very helpful in helping us visualize the plans, make the changes before we went down a path we couldn't correct. Do either of you do design professionally (interior design ideas as well?) Maybe I need to tap into your expertise for the entire project? Let me know Renovation_File.zip
  12. I tried what you described above, but still could not put a Gable roof above the front portion of the house (with Bow window). And then put an Gable roof over the bow window. (it keeps reverting to Hip roof). Once we see how that looks, we then need to decide if we want a Gable roofed porch over the front door (extended 6 feet out), a barn style roof extended over it (again apps 6feet) , or perhaps just a trellis?
  13. Yes, we are remodeling.It is completely gutted now (adding apps 400 square feet). As of today, the roof is completely torn down and they are prepping to start framing floors on Monday (then walls) We need to decide the type of doors /windows (sizes and locations) We had plans but we just made a big change in the structural plan and now the right side of the house (front facing) will be 10' high walls, so we will have 10' walls in kitchen, living, dining area. The left side will stay 8' walls, so all room on left side will have 8' ceilings (front living area, spare room, small bathroom, m
  14. Thanks so much Eric. That worked and I am able to make changes / safe etc..! I am now trying to play with roof types, and tried every option I can think of to make the front section of the house into a Gable Roof as well (4 and 12 pitch) , but it keeps going back to a Hip roof. Can I make the front section into a Gable Roof with an additional Gable roof section over the large picture window that jets out? (and ideally a 6" Gable the front door as well?) I am not a designer and open to help, ideas, suggestions etc.... Thanks so much Wooster_without_Gable.plan