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    Help with Carriage House

    Hello all, For starters, I have Home Designer Suite 2017. I'm trying to design a bungalow or craftsmen style carriage house (garage with apartment over). I have the first floor/garage the way I'd like it, but I'm having major issues with the layout of the second floor and the roof. The second floor needs kitchen (would like a full height cabinet for a pantry but doesn't have to be overly wide), dining area (the kitchen could include the dining table - as long as it fits 4-6 people), living room, two bedrooms (one can be smaller, sized for a baby/toddler or an office space), full bath, and at least a closet with stacked laundry (including, obviously, closets for the bedrooms and one extra closet for cleaning supplies - can be a part of the laundry closet). The left side (with the two car garage) would have a house built onto it in the future, so there couldn't be any windows on the left side of the second floor - something I've tried to keep in mind in my attempts at designing the second floor/placement of the bedrooms. These are examples of (ideally) how I'd like the second floor roof/windows to look from the outside: I understand that the way the roof would be designed the ceiling would be vaulted/sloped, so some of the outside walls of the second floor would be around 4-feet high, which is fine, but I'm afraid my multiple attempts at designing the second floor/roof lines have ended in failure. I've even looked up other carriage house layouts for inspiration. I'd be eternally grateful for tips, or examples that you come up with! If anyone is willing to help a hobby designer out, I've attached what I have for the garage/first floor to work off of (you're welcome to play around with the stairs section, as long as it has a front door/garage door/door leading to the right side/back of the first floor for access to a yard space), and do let me know if you need any more information or have any questions for me! Many Thanks to everyone here - this community is wonderful! Andria garage.plan
  2. I have Home Designer Suite 2017 and am working on a bungalow style garage with apartment above. I'm looking to create my roof to look similar to this image: I realize I will likely have to adjust room sizes and other objects inside, however does anyone know how to do the roof? I also need to make the entrance the same level as the garage. Many Thanks! Garage_Plan.plan