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  1. misterfixit

    Stem Wall Height Problem

    Thank you so much for your input gentlemen! I do believe that failing to check that "floor supplied by room below" box was the root of my problem. Everything for the foundation is now looking as it should and ready to send off to the engineer for approval once I add my callouts and reinforcing details. Thanks!
  2. misterfixit

    Stem Wall Height Problem

    Hi, I am currently renovating a home that originally had a breezeway between the house which has a full height basement, and a garage built on a 4 foot grade beam on footings. I am digging out the breezeway area to create a crawl space under new floors that will be ledgered on to the house and existing garage. I am also adding a room with a crawl space on the back, as well as another garage bay. For some reason, my stem walls around the garage are varying heights. They are all supposed to be 4 foot high grade beams on footings, just like the original single bay garage, with the top of the stem walls being at the same height as the house basement stem walls. I have tried everything I can think of to adjust this problem, and despite the stem walls changing, they always still have steps in them instead of being one consistent level. Anyone have any ideas? As a side note, I realize that my garage doors are at the wrong height compared to my floors, but I wanted to fix this stem wall problem first before adjusting my door heights. Also, the grade beam at the front of the breezeway area is 12" lower than the house stem wall on purpose to accommodate a drop down entry way, so don't worry about that part when answering the question. Thanks for your time 621_King_St._Stem_Wall_Problem.zip