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    Lost Wall Detail

    Haha, found the "issue" Tools - Display Options - Walls, Main Layer Only was checked. Don't understand this option but I will leave it off.
  2. JMemphix

    Lost Wall Detail

    Undo from several days ago?? The question is regarding all walls loosing their line detail in 2D, not the invisible wall (3D). See how the window protrudes the wall - this use to have lines marking the external edge of the external wall and show the gyprock/plaster etc. This would of been done days ago, however, I have only just realized. Feels like a bug. Guess I've lost days of work again.
  3. JMemphix

    Lost Wall Detail

    Hi, I had an interior wall that I did not want visible on 2D but visible on the 3D model. So I copied the wall type (now labelled "Interior, Invisible") and changed all its Line and Fill color properties to white. Now I've lost a lot of detail on ALL my walls and struggling to recover. All walls now don't have plaster, exterior walls don't have external lines. Any tips? I've spent a couple of days trying to get terrain the way I want and really don'y want to revert to my previous version. [Home Designer Pro 2018]