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    Building a wall on top of a beam

    Thank you for your help and advice. CA premier X10 Beta do you know of any way to build on top of a beam? We also have been trying to figure out how to fill in the gable section of a porch roof that extends out over a beam...thank you, at home on my phone now, so unable to attach a specific picture.
  2. JPalmer3

    Building a wall on top of a beam

    I have an addition being built on an angle to an existing house. The most sensible way to frame the roof to me involves having a gable carry through the main structure that ends prior to reaching the adjacent wall that is at an angle. I will then need to hang a ledger board on that gable wall and frame a shed roof off of it down to the back angled wall. So, here is the problem....I need to build the back gable wall on top of a beam, as it does not line up with any walls on the first floor. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on how to attack this? I would even be willing to settle for a way to just generate a gable wall from under the roof so at least the exterior view of the house didn't have a big hole in it! Kirby-back elevation-1-19.pdf