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    Viewing 360º Panoramas

    I talked to HD Suport, and thought I would share here. You CAN create a 360 panorama in HD Pro 2018, and save it to your computer. But, you need HD 2019 in order to utilize their cloud storage, viewing, and embed capabilities. Support suggested trying to find a 360 panorama viewer app/plug-in if I want to use the file on a website. Sorry for the confusion!
  2. BlueberryCollage

    Viewing 360º Panoramas

    I can make a panorama, export it, and view it on the HD site with HD Pro 2018. I just can't find the share on their website. I will be contacting them to ask.
  3. BlueberryCollage

    Viewing 360º Panoramas

    Ok, thanks! Thought I would start here.
  4. BlueberryCollage

    Viewing 360º Panoramas

    I'm following the directions on Viewing & Sharing 360º Renderings. I've created an interior panorama and can upload it to the 360º Rendering page on the HD Software website. I can view it, and everything seems great. But, I'm having trouble with the viewing and sharing. When I click on my account, I don't see the "Manage 360º Panoramas" option anywhere. I only have "Available Services of Digital Locker (it's not in there), Technical Support Center, Purchased Catalogs and Purchased Seminars". Am I missing something? Are the instructions on the website incorrect? Thanks for any help!