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  1. We have decided to go with an arch instead of a circular flat roof. Something like this pergola but attached to the house and with a metal roof. I would like to take one of the files we've used in this thread and add that to it but I"m having trouble figuring out how. THe one LawB10 uploaded is the most complete but again I don't know how to add this for the roof. (Tree still coming through if possible.) I hate to ask as ya'll have done so much already but could someone help me out here and share the file with me? Or tell me what to do. If not no problem.
  2. Joann, Could you make the gable that is above the flat roof wider and make the wrap around shed roof a gable and run them into each other? Then could you possibly upload the file so I can open it and look at it, even though I won't be able to edit it? If not, I understand. TY
  3. I may download the trial just so I can open the file and look at what you did from different angles and such.
  4. Those are along the lines of what I'm thinking...Not sure which one I like best. The hole needs to be smaller in the first roof (probably 5' diameter...the diameter of the open hole around the tree is 7'. I don't want stuff falling through too much. That defeats the purpose. Also, I want the new gable to be wider, coming over and connecting to the wrap around patio shed roof (or the shed roof may need to come of to it a few feet, too, in reality) The flat roof would not be shingled. BTW, the wrap around shed roof is not hipped, it is a gable. Did you save the files? I woul
  5. I tried to find bonus catalogs but came up emtpy. Will look again. Not sure why I need to move anything now that it appears to be ok?? I'm west of DFW about 75 mi. I'm beginning to think this is going to be too hard for me to accomplish in this program with the time and skill level I have. I am pretty computer savy but I don't really have the time to invest right now. I may just opt for pen and paper! I just was having trouble seeing what I wanted built but I'm started to get an idea. I'm very visual and seeing it 3d and in proportion would have been a
  6. My program says the library is uptodate but I am still missing those components. Also, the gable on the front (the highest one) is messed when I open the file. I don't know why or how to fix it but it doesn't reflect what you put in your screenshot. I'm not clear about all of this. Are you saying I need to do this or I just need to if I'm going to do certain things at this point to the plan? One idea I have for the patio cover is to make a gable (A) that ties into the side of the house and the wrap around porch/shed roof. Not sure how this would work until I veri
  7. LawB10, Is is possible to obtain these missing materials?
  8. LawB10, wow that is great! I just needed the basic house like that so I can experiment with ideas of a roof over the patio. Ty
  9. Ok...ty so much. I know I will have some more questions (already do) but they are probably best under a new topic.
  10. Would be it be impolite to ask for the file that that you altered? And does that make is 22" for the wrap around porch height? I just ask so my stairs will come out right.
  11. New thought - what if I built two stories and made the first 22" with concrete for the material and then added the second story (as if it was the first)? Edit - Sorry didn't see your post.
  12. I wonder if it would work to make no foundation and then make exterior pony walls (22" higher than the exterior walls are right now) with concrete material on the bottom? Would everything then be at the right level except the interior floor which I guess would need moved up 22"? (oops just realized that Home Designer doesn't do pony walls)
  13. Ok...before I do that will that make the interior floor come down? I wish I understood the problem better. I just need 22" of concrete under my house so my porch is all concrete for the 22" with stairs coming down and same for the porch (haven't built yet) by the french doors on the patio. Was trying to make the foundation 22" the wrong approach in the first place? And it makes me have to double that amount to raise/lower things to the right place. I'm so confused I've only ever used this program to make interiors and everything level and on
  14. Here is what I have right now. I set the porch back to 0 for the height. Both it and the patio come in too high above the foundation as well as the interior floor. I drew the slab, patio and house and it just puts everything way high. patio plan temp.plan