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  1. Solver, Thanks for the quick reply; I've updated my signature and turned it on. I spent almost 2 hrs searching the normal resources (forums, KB, YouTube) before I posted anything. I just went back and tried your suggestion to do both patterns and luck. Then, doing what I should have done in the first place, I shut everything down and rebooted...success! Ya gotta love computers. Thanks again.
  2. I have HDP 2020 and I'm trying to rotate tongue and groove ceiling materials 90 degrees from how they appear. Following the online tutorials, I selected the object and used the 'Adjust Material Definition' button to enter into the display box. I changed the angle on the material 90 degrees and the small display box reflected the change, just like the tutorial. I then clicked OK, which took me back to the 'perspective full overview' screen I started on change. I repeated the process with the same result (definition of insanity?). Rats! Any suggestions? I've tried other materials, again, following the tutorial, and get the same result. Help please!
  3. After a bit of experimenting, I've got it under control. Trial and error but not too bad. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'll create a test drawing this evening and play around with that. Appreciate the help!
  5. The roof of my existing home is predominately hip but also has a Dutch hip (gable) on one end of the house. Odd, but there's a vaulted ceiling involved. Anyhow, I've made a decent enough drawing of the house in HDPro 2020 but I'm stuck getting the roof drawn correctly in that one area. While this really doesn't make that big a difference, the OC side of my nature won't stand for it! ;-) I've been searching but haven't hit the magic answer yet. Any suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! I'm currently using HD Pro 2020.
  6. New guy here. I'm using HDA 2020 and attempting to position a washer/dryer combo on an 8" tall pad. I created the box using a solid box out of the library, giving it appropriate dimensions and an upper elevation 8" over the slab. It looks great in 3D view with the washer/dryer (positioned 8" off slab to fit over the box) perched on top of it. My issue occurs in 2D, where the box appears on top of the appliances. In other CAD programs there's a 'bring object to front' command but I'm not finding that here. I'm sure that I'm missing something basic, but after hours of please! Thanks!