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  1. I am working on my basement plan. My basement has poured stem wall up to about 60 inches than about 36 inches of framing above that. There is framing in front of the stem wall, such that the stem wall is about 12" thick while the framed portion above it is only about 6" thick. This creates a step in the wall which I want to include in my model. I tried modeling this as a pony wall, but I just get full height stem wall even though I specified in the pony wall settings that the lower section was 60 inches tall with siding wall above that. I do not see any siding externally, and I do not get the stepped wall internally (the two sections are different thicknesses) on the inside. Does this have anything to do with the fact that my subfloor height above terrain is 36" and my floor absolute elevation is -96"? What is the proper way to get this type of pony wall for my basement? Thanks! I will attach my plan for reference. basement.plan
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    End of wall has no covering

    Thank you @DavidJPotter, I used the soffit method and that works great.
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    End of wall has no covering

    I have a wall the extends into a bathroom a few feet to surround a shower. However, the end of wall is raw wood. How do I cover the end of the wall with drywall?