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  1. Thank you guys for all your hard work and help. Its looking very good. I was able to tell the plan, early on, that I wanted 2x6 studs, centered on 24" in the walls. But I haven't been able to find where I can specify the size of board 2x12 in the roof, and maybe spacing on the 24 there as well." It looks easy to do in pro, but I haven't figured out this issue in architectural. Any clues? Kelly and Craig
  2. I think I figured it out. You need to: To turn off the display of attic walls 1. In floor plan view, select Tools> Display Options (or press the ~ key) to open the Layer Display Options dialog. 2. Find "Walls, Attic" in the Name column, remove the check from the Display column for this item, and click OK. For more information, see “Layer Display Options Dialog” on page 145 of the Reference Manual. After you do that then you define your porch side walls as high shed/gable wall under wall specifications.
  3. Please view the attached images. Using Home Design Architect, I would like to change the roof from the current shabin image to the ideal shabin image. The shabin is 1 and1/2 stories with a dormer on the back. In my ideal design the main roof is a 12 pitch gable that transitions into a 4 pitch shed covering a porch. What is the technique to create this shed style roof? Craig and Kelly