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  1. I have a pony wall (split wall) that tI am using for a garage. Basically I have the wall type set for a split wall with the lower split being a concrete stem wall for 5 1/2" and then I do a traditional 2x6 wall for the other part of the split. When I go to doing any sort of framing view though I cannot find a way to show the concrete stem wall. This causes the building to look like it is floating in space for Layouts. I have searched online and watched several videos but cannot find anything around this. What I do know is that if I keep "Walls - Normal" on for display I see the stem, but I see everything as a solid and that includes the drywall and sheathing. Home Designer Pro 2018. -Peter
  2. Thanks David, It is unfortunate that you have to upgrade to Chief for something that should be a "Pro" feature. I guess the name "Pro" is not as complete as I would like. If it were a suggestion, I think each View Port (not sure the official name to give the windows in Layout to the plan) should have its own metadata that describes what is being looked at. The fact that you can't open more than one layout at a time is frustrating but workable. The layer settings though is more of a significant limitation. If I knew this was solved in 2019 it would motivate me to move up. So far though I don't see any value in going to 2019 as there are very few improvements. Eric, thanks for the pointers on the signature. I have made the adjustments and let's see if it shows up now. -Peter
  3. A frustration that I am having right now has to do with Layout mode and the placement of views to the layout page. I Save to Layout the window/view that I want, but if I make changes somewhere else for the layers that I want displayed other views are changed. Is there a way to lock what layers are turned on for each of the views in a layout page? I should note that I do not want to make the view an image. I still want the flexibility to make edits to the drawing. I just do not want to have the layers changing on me.