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    Disappearing Soffit

    Thanks David. Thats how I got the objects where they are, by using the control key. However if you look at the pictures you can see they are in place, but not appearing over the half walls. Sorry If I wasnt clear before. The objects are selected so you can see the outline of what should be there.
  2. tpalmertree

    Disappearing Soffit

    Hey guys and gals, I have HD Pro 2017. I am having problems putting soffits over 1/2 walls or "railings". As you can see in the pictures, the soffit piece disappears when it gets over the 1/2 wall. In the first example I am trying to put a post on top of a 1/2 wall on my porch. I have used a soffit for the post. Some of the posts are fine, and some display as only parts of themselves. I have this problem in several areas of my current project, but another easy example is a piece of flashing above the porch roof. It also disappears once it reaches the half wall. I have selected the items, so you can see how big they actually are. The flashing was dragged excessively far, to make it easier to see. Thanks