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    Random Object / Surface Artifacts

    As a work around I selected all the objects I needed, copied and pasted into a new (empty) plan. The undesirable artifacts were left with the original plan.
  2. Chief-TOA

    Random Object / Surface Artifacts

    Picture of FloorPlan after moving all my Objects away from the artifacts.
  3. Chief-TOA

    Random Object / Surface Artifacts

    Thanks for the quick reply. Using Suite. Have done an initial search of all the resources you mentioned. Uploaded images and attached to initial post. Note the counter top in the Bedroom and the cement object in the master bath. There is another cement/concrete component by the french doors and one in the family room by the bed. The "Delete Surface" functionality will recognize them but of course only removes the artifacts temporarily.
  4. Chief-TOA

    Random Object / Surface Artifacts

    New user. Random object artifacts appear in design and unable to remove them. Downloaded the Tiny House template and modified it for my project using Suite 2018. Objects show on floor plan and in 3D rendering. However, I can't select them. Unable to delete. Object include what appears to be counter tops, foundation components, etc. Puzzled. Wondering if the template (Tiny House) was created in Pro originally and I'm using Suite to edit/change. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. I have tried open google search, knowledge base, user forum, FAQ, product help system. Ponderosa2.plan