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    Deck Post Footings

    Great ideas gents, thanks! That gave me an idea to benefit from how lining up the posts can add some stability and still get access to a basement entrance currently hidden under the deck. I see what Solver did to get rid of the hanging footings, but it doesn't exactly pull the posts down to the ground, huh? Thank you all!
  2. roquet

    Deck Post Footings

    That seems to be correct. I have everything but "Deck Support" menu in the room specifications window. Guess its a glitch then.
  3. roquet

    Deck Post Footings

    Hi there, I'm using HD Architectural 2018. I attached my Plan, I am trying to build an external stairway and deck to reach the 3rd story in an awkward corner and build a deck space below. I think I've got it, but I can't figure out how to adjust the footings and posts for the stairs or the 2nd floor deck. They are just floating in mid air. How do I get them to go down into the terrain level which is midway up the foundation wall? I cannot select the footings in Architectural it would seem... Thanks for any help! 1408 S Brook.plan