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  1. Thank you very much indeed Eric. That did the trick beautifully! You're a font of such an amazing amount of knowledge! :-) Best regards Anita
  2. Somewhere along the way I've got a hole and slash in my attic wall. Eric, can you please work your magic and help? I've attached my plan and a screenshot of the 3D view. Also, in the bedroom with the tippy-up roof, the ceiling is going to be kind of vaulted and will follow the line of the tippy up roof but at the moment in the 3D view it looks all higgledy-piggldy in there. Bits of wall and roof in different finishes all over the place. Is there a way to make it all consistent in there? Thank you very much in advance Anita Correct dims chan
  3. You've solved all of it again Eric! Thank you very much indeed :-)
  4. It's an inside room now! Thank you :-) Even though the ceiling heights are 2440 on both floors, there's still a huge amount of unnecessary height above the doors and windows on the 2nd floor. Any idea how that's being generated and how I can reduce it? On the attic floor I can't open the "room" to look at the ceiling height. I'd be nervous of tweaking it even if I could, as I wouldn't want to cock up the tippy up roof bit. The other problem I have is that the open fireplace has got to stay and the kitchen has got to be built around and within it. I created the chimney br
  5. Hi Eric I've snapped my upstairs walls to my downstairs walls now, thank you for that :-) I've attached the current plan and a couple of screen shots of where I have an exterior room under the dreaded tippy up roof. Despite the fact that the "attic" must be WAY taller in that corner, there is nothing showing on the attic floor for that room at all. When I click on the "exterior" room on the 2nd floor it selects the shaded grey bit all around the house with it. I don't know what's gone wrong with the height of the house now but since adding the types of room in the room specifi
  6. Thank you both very much. I'm sorry for the delay in responding but I didn't get any notifications so thought that no-one had replied yet. Jo_Ann - The attic wall is because the roof tips up in the corner of that room and the walls are higher than the rest of the house up to a point in that east corner. This may be what's confused things so is there a different way that I should be doing that? LawB10 - The jutting up roof is entirely on purpose as that's how it is in real life, it's a flat roof on the rest of the house but that corner tips up to a lifted point. G
  7. I've ended up accidentally having a room in my plan showing as an exterior room and I don't know how to change it to an interior room. Is there a way to do it without rebuilding? In the attached plan its the front right upstairs room that's under the tippy up roof. Also, we've got a weird open fireplace in the large L-shaped room downstairs which needs to stay and we will build our kitchen around it. The only way I could work out to create the right look was to add interior walls and custom size a doorway in it to match the opening which we have. The problem that I have is that
  8. Fantastic! Thank you! It's easy when you know how! I must have tweaked a dimension or two after building upstairs as a derivative of the ground floor. That makes perfect sense, thank you. I really am extremely grateful for all of your help. Best regards Anita
  9. That's worked a treat!! Thank you ever so much! :-) Last thing, I you know why the upstairs window beneath the tippy up roof has disappeared and been replaced with wall even though it shows as window on the plan? When I look at the framing overview, there is frame across the window. I thought it may have been because the roof had dropped too low and that when I sorted out the baseline height of the roof plane that it would miraculously re-appear; but it hasn't :-(
  10. Hi Eric I hope you've had a lovely Christmas! I'm nearly there but am struggling to get the two separate roof planes to snap together. The tippy up bit begins lower down than the main part of the roof at the front but higher up at the back and I can't quite fathom out why. I've tried changing the ridge and baseline heights etc. Could you please let me know where I'm going wrong? Very many thanks Anita Nearly right bar roof.plan
  11. Eric, you are wonderful, thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of that. I'm off to bed now (in England) but I'll try all of that tomorrow after work. I really appreciate your help; you've taught me a huge amount! Merry Christmas Anita x
  12. I've attached the plan which I think has the roof planes correctly done but what I can't work out is how to bring the corner of the roof up, and have the walls come with it!? Would you mind please taking a look at it, Eric? Many thanks Anita Samuda ground floor version 1.plan
  13. Hi Eric I've been using the manual roof tools but clearly not properly as I had ended up with a myriad of weird and wonderful looking roofs that were nothing like what I was after. I had been creating a shed roof using full gables and high gables which is obviously wrong as none of your walls were set as such. If you can explain in an idiot proof fashion then I'll gladly follow your lead. Alternatively, I can re-draw the main plan with the existing house and then the extension built on, like it will be in real life, to divide the regular shed roof from the tippy one and then come back
  14. That's totally it!! :-) I should have said that the elevations show the existing house and the extension with the tippy up roof and the roof plan is just for the tippy roofed extension as the existing house already has a normal flat/shed roof. How did you create it? I'm delighted to know that it's doable! Thank you.
  15. Hi Solver. Thank you for your reply. I'm using Pro 2018 so a real newbie I'm afraid and I've added it to my signature as suggested. I've attached the roof plan. Many thanks 6107 024A Roof Plan (1).pdf