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    Auto roof problem

    The original design was a two bedroom. I have added a 3rd bedroom. When I go to auto build roof, it resorts back to the two bedroom roof line. If I open the build roof properties and check Build roof, uncheck Auto roof planes, and then uncheck Use existing roof baselines, the roof generates properly. The problem is I want to add some gable roof lines. To do this I have to have the auto roof planes on. At that point it reverts back to the two bedroom roof line plan. Riverview_House_3_bedroom_Trusses2.plan
  2. chsdesign

    Room types

    I'm a new user and member and I have Home Designer Pro. One of the videos I watched was on rooms. After double clicking the room and under the General tab they show a drop down menu to select the type of room you want. When I tried this, the only selections I have are default and unspecified. Any help would be appreciated.