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    Printing Layouts or Blueprints

    Hi Apparently, I should have read about the capabilities of each version of the program a bit better. I bought the Architectural version of Home Designer and love it. I am trying to draw out plans for a "mother-in-law" apartment my backyard. The program is great so far. The issue is that I want to be able to print full plans to turn over to the city (I live in Texas) so that I can begin construction during the first of the new year. I understand now that Pro is the only version that prints layouts or full blueprints. Does anyone know if I will be able to print out everything I need to meet most Texas City requirements or will I need to go to Pro to do this? Also, I noticed that Pro can be "rented" for $49 per month. Will I be able to use the files that I have generated in Architectural in Pro and then just build my layouts and print those off? I certainly can and will check with my local city permit department to make sure, but just trying to figure out if I will most likely need Pro and can use it to complete full layout for construction. Thanks Jim