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  1. I create a terrain around my home that has a walk-out basement on one end. I have a flat terrain area on each end of the house. On the walk-out end the basement slab elevation is -102" so I set the flat terrain area on that end at -106" so that the grade is 4" lower than the top of foundation wall at this end. On the other end of the house is my garage. The garage slab is 14" below the interior floor elevation of 0" so I set the exterior flat terrain area at -18", which puts the grade at several inches below the top of foundation wall. When I click "build terrain" it does not meet these elevation criteria. If I then lower the walk-out end to expose the top of foundation the desired 4" the terrain at the other end of the house raises up to be above the elevation I set. What am I doing wrong? Remington Existing - 12.16.2017.plan