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  1. My object painter eye dropper has stopped working, it turns into a spray can but will not copy material. Why has this happened and what can I do to correct it?
  2. LindaM

    U Shaped Railing

    Earlier, when I was searching for help I found a thread that lead to a You Tube video you recorded to help someone that was creating a curved staircase with multiple landings. Thanks so much for this, appreciate it!
  3. LindaM

    U Shaped Railing

    Within stairs, yes I don't see how to. Searched help topics and similar threads but I wasn't finding anything related to curved/u shaped railings.
  4. LindaM

    U Shaped Railing

    Eric you're right.....this isn't the actual staircase but similar to what it does:
  5. LindaM

    U Shaped Railing

    Thanks so much, I actually know a little bit about SU but agree, UGH. The staircase is beyond the bathroom door, you can see it, how odd? Sorry bout that........
  6. LindaM

    U Shaped Railing

    I have two questions: I'm working on an 1850 farmhouse staircase railing that does a u turn at the landing at top of stairs; it u's into the 2nd floor railing. Can I draw this in HD Pro 2020? My other question is is there a way to create a round railing? This is the only picture I have of the railing from another room but you can see how it turns to continue down staircase. Thanks so much!
  7. LindaM

    Soffit Arch

    OK, thanks.
  8. LindaM

    Soffit Arch

    Is it possible to create an arch as in attached photo in HD Pro? I cannot find any help for it. Thanks!
  9. Disregard, I found it.......
  10. How do I turn off these irritating horizontal and vertical lines that follow my pointer around?
  11. LindaM

    Wall Height Changed

    When I angled my wall where the house begins to 45, my exterior wall height changed and is now much shorter. Why would it do this?
  12. Thanks Eric. Mine looks same with the exception of countertop, pendant bulbs over island are not illuminated and mirror not reflecting. I'll have to figure out the video card and how to determine if it needs updating when it says "automatic". I appreciate all your help!
  13. Making headway with your video Eric, thank you. Need to work on reflections next.....
  14. The puck light that changed I think is the one to the right of the stove.
  15. Eric, I watched your video and the puck lighting suggestions worked, I think. It's so very bright in my drawing that I can't really tell yet until I get the glare fixed. Going to call tech support. Thank you!