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  1. Are multiple sheets available in a layout file or do you have to create each page as a separate file? If multiple sheets available how do you add sheets? Thanks. HD Pro 2018
  2. As I try to figure out how to set up the bearing lines to fix this it messes with the porch joists too.
  3. I am able to get the porch joist direction as you did. This section over the garage is giving me problems.
  4. ncochran

    Framing Help

    Got it. Thank you
  5. I had one there. I tried all sorts of bearing line arrangements. Does each area need to be enclosed in bearing lines? Say you had 3 or more joist direction changes within the structure. I don't understand how program uses the bearing lines to break up the structure as far as the joist directions are concerned.
  6. ncochran

    Framing Help

    Hello, I have multiple issues with the framing build. Let's start with the floating members. The rafters are floating and a gap remains between the wall and roof in sections. Ceiling joists are floating. How do I correct this? I also have areas with missing rafters or joists. The junction of the main roof to the porch roof is just an overlap, and much more.. Any help that can be provided is appreciated. FarmHouse
  7. Thank you Sir. HD Pro 2018
  8. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I didn't find anything helpful. I would like to change joist directions in several locations. I have tried using the bearing line and joist direction but I can't get them to do what I want. I assume I'm not using the bearing lines properly. For example, on a wrap around porch I want the ceiling joists to change direction at the corner. Can anyone give me some tips?
  9. Sorry, I'm using HD Suite 2016. I can assign a gable roof type when the second floor is ignored. However it will only allow placement of the gable at the outside of the porch..... Upon further research this seems what I want may be called a "dutch hip". Maybe Suite doesn't have the capability? Anyone know of a work around?
  10. I'm trying to figure out how to create a wrap around porch roof that is tied into the main roof of a story and a half. I want gable ends on the main roof. If I "ignore second story" in the roof menu then I can't keep my gable ends as shown. If I use the second story for the roof then I can't tie the porch roof in. By "can't" I mean I don't know how. Can anyone point me to some references? Or explain how I may be able to get this done?