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    iMac Graphics Card OpenGL Requirement for Home Designer Pro

    Swarren, thank you for the suggestion. I spoke with sales and they recommended that I download the trial and then call the customer support line. CS had me download a few sample plans and then create some perspective 3D views to test my machine. It worked fine and I chose to buy Pro 2018 at my risk knowing that my IMac is below their recommended OpenGL version. I will proceed with using the program and will provide feedback as after I use it for a while. So far, so good.
  2. This computer appears to meet the requirements for Home Designer Pro 2018 except for the OpenGL 4.1 minimum. It has OpenGL 3.3. any chance of this working and if so what performance can I anticipate? Is it time to buy a new computer? Untitled 2.tiff Untitled1.tiff