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    Can't see through wall of windows and doors

    I solved the problem. It had to do with the main floor wall not quite aligning with the basement wall. That happened because I had to make adjustments after the floor was built in HD, once I realized our real architect had gotten some key dimensions in the kitchen wrong on our blueprints, that I had assumed were correct. They were correct for the first two phases of our renovations over the last 10 years. Anyway, I moved the basement wall into alignment using the display reference floor feature, and suddenly I can see through windows again.
  2. ScottK1

    Can't see through wall of windows and doors

    Ok I'll get to the signature shortly. It's Home Designer Pro 2018. There is only one wall (no wall upon deletion), so that's not it.
  3. Somehow one row of windows and doors do not show the outside world in my plan. In 3D the windows and french doors in the kitchen just show wood behind them. I attached screnshots. The other windows and doors don't have this problem. Looking at the outside of the house these windows and doors appear missing (just solid siding in this section). What did I mess up?