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  1. ForteTwo

    Curved wall to floor connection

    Hello Jo_Ann, I realise it's been a while since you kindly responded to my question. Try as I might I have been unable to create the curved planed you showed using the custom backsplash tools. I have searched the documentaion, help files, YouTube, etc. but can find no hint as to how to achive the look you did. Could you possibley explain the key steps you used to create that curve between the backsplacsh and the countertop? Sincerely A
  2. ForteTwo

    Curved wall to floor connection

    That looks great Jo_Ann, is there some way of sending me the plan that I may play with it rather than starting from scratch?
  3. ForteTwo

    Curved wall to floor connection

  4. ForteTwo

    Curved wall to floor connection

    I would like to show a wall to floor connection, either using walls and floors or using a structure made from batons for example, that is curved rather than at a right angle. Is this possible? I have attached an image to explain the concept as describing it is a little tricky. Software: Home Designer Pro 2015