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    Combining custom made base and full cabinet as one?

    Solver- thank you I will work on updating my profile to reflect your suggestions. Also I tried to add the pics but it didn’t work like I would have liked, but I will work on it. Apple Walker- Yes that is what I am trying to do. I will try that change later this week. Thank you guys for the help.
  2. Iam building custom closet cabinets. I had a full height cabinet w 6 adjustable shelves. So basically a shelving "unit", w a 4" tall kick, recessed 3/4". The problem I had was I wanted the base that the side of the cabinet sat on to be extended out from the total depth of 16" ( wall to front edge of the sides ) out to 17 1/2", for the base (wall to front edge of base). I couldn't get it to do that. I also couldn't get it to let me set the shelves to have a total depth of 15 7/8", but thats another story. So I created a whole separate base cabinet thats 4" tall and a "counter top" of 3/4" tall for a total of 4 3/4"from floor to top ( the "counter top" of the base unit is 17 1/2" from wall to front edge). Then I sat the "shelving unit" on top of the base cabinet. This gives me basically the bottom shelf of the shelving unit to be extended out 1 1/2" from the face of the shelving unit. This way the front edge of the sides of the unit will be trimmed out w 3/4" poplar and still have a 3/4" revel. I hope this makes sense. My quetions: Can I combine these two cabinets into one unit and save it as a single unit in my library? Is there a different way to start off w one unit and extend just to bottom shelf out from the face? How can I make the unit only 16" deep sides ( there is no back to the cabinet of shelves, the wall is the back) but w 15 7/8" shelves? 32%22 base.calibz 32%22 Shelving Unit.calibz