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  1. DSKray

    Ceiling not created in bay window

    I created a bay window but HD Pro did not generate a ceiling in that part of the room. Is there a way to generate a bay window area ceiling either automatically or manually? In the attached file, the bay window is on level 1. Webster Hseplan-master existing condition.plan
  2. DSKray

    Text not printing

    Thanks - support was helpful.
  3. DSKray

    Text not printing

    The rich text in my plans shows up on the screen but the it doesn't show up when I print. I'm running Windows 10. When I print to PDF, I get the same problem: the text shows on the screen but does not print. Any suggestions?
  4. DSKray

    Flat roof

    Thank you! It was easier than I expected and it gave exactly the desired result.
  5. DSKray

    Flat roof

    Thanks much for the suggestions! I attempted to use the manual roof tools and was able to get the desired roof shape (a "flat roof" with 2-in-12 pitch). However, the roof is too low in the rear, cutting into the ceiling of the second floor. I can't find any way to adjust it. Any suggestions? Is it because one of the interior walls near the back is a brick wall (the original rear wall before an addition was added) and HD is treating it as the present rear wall? House plan-existing-v2 save7.plan
  6. DSKray

    Flat roof

    In HD Pro 2018, I have built a house on which I want to generate a flat main roof and flat front and back roofs. I succeeded with the flat roofs for the front and back but not with the flat roof on the main part of the house. I made the side walls gable walls and the front wall the high wall. On the back wall, I set the pitch to 2 in 12. The roof still remains hip style rather than shed style. The house has some architectural anomalies because I am trying to model an existing house. In particular, there is an interior wall of brick (which was the original rear wall) wall where an extension was built on the back. Also, the long side walls are brick in most of their length but siding walls towards the back in the addition. Are these architectural anomalies preventing the creation of a flat roof? House plan-existing-v2 save6.plan
  7. DSKray

    Can't generate stairwell

    Thank you! I find it and it works.
  8. DSKray

    Can't generate stairwell

    Thanks for your reply but I selected the stairs and still I do not see the Auto Stairwell tool. Am sending screen shots of all tools after selecting the stairs. I've added the requested information to my signature.
  9. DSKray

    Can't generate stairwell

    I am trying in HD Pro to generate a stairwell for a stairway leading from the first floor to the second floor of a two-story house. The Auto Stairwell tool doesn't show up in the toolbar, which I read in Help is a sign that there is no living space above it. But, as far as I can tell, there IS living space above. I also tried to generate the stairwell manually bit without success. I put a railing around the area on the second floor and created an open below. From the second floor, you could see the ground through the opening and from the first floor you could see the sky through it. Can someone help me understand, first, why the Auto Stairwell tool doesn't appear on the toolbar? House plan-existing-v2 save6.plan