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  1. The reason for building the wall only to half the room is that when building it through the entire room you'll end up with two rooms and centering the wall on the original room is no longer possible (you might still be able to center on the outside wall or something else). By building over half the width you still have the original room so you can center on both the original room along one wall and along the other wall on the center of the half room.
  2. What I do is build a temporary partly wall in the room (from an opposite wall to about halfway the room). Center this new wall in the room. Now it is possible to center the window in this half room. The temporary wall can now be removed. When you want more windows this division can be repeated to divide the room in 4 parts. Also remember it is possible to select multiple objects and center the entire group (you often find that centering things just doesn't look right, so place two windows where they look about right, select them both and center).
  3. In this catalog are some doors with odd shapes (round and rounded corners). How do I use these doors? Selecting these door styles form the the library in the specification dialog doesn't change the door frame in the wall. So how to get the correct hole with the appropriate casing?