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  1. Any idea why room labels would have TWO DIFFERENT area (Sq.Ft.) values listed below the room's name? Different values at that. Interior area + center of walls, perhaps?
  2. could I impose upon you to send the modified .plan file back please? I tried the adjustment and the room divider, and it does not look anywhere as nice as yourse... thanks again
  3. Doll House view provided no benefit. Attached are both the image file and plan file thanks in advance to whomever can point me in right direction! Home w Lot.plan
  4. I'm planning on a textured stainless steel backsplash, but I can't determine how one would get a jpg of the textured rectangle into the Home Designer application. While the image I have is a "sample" jpg, it would not really be tiles but in fact an entire sheet. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. thanks.
  5. I _believe_ that I've set the properties correctly for the cabinets, which are white with white doors/drawers. However, they look quite gray. Since I'm trying to assess color combinations, the lack of "real white" creates challenges. I've tried to apply material eyedropper/painter without success. However, what appears to be the side of the cabinet on the right is white, but that may be due to how Home Designer Architectural 2018 applies lighting to the rendering. Any thoughts? thanks!
  6. never mind; found it, thanks
  7. That's what I would have thought, but I seem unable to select it. Any tricks to selecting it?
  8. Shown is my "Drawing Sheet" view, and I'm trying to get my "covered patio" area to fill the drawing sheet (while maintaining the scale shown). Essentially, I just want to move the drawing sheet up, or move the drawing itself down, where only the (majority of) the covered patio is taking up the drawing sheet. I can't find anything about how to do this, and thoughts would be helpful! Thanks in advance!
  9. thanks. After reviewing posts, I chose to keep the floor plan due north, and rotated the terrain layout to be in alignment with the floor plan and added a North compass pointer. Seemed the more preferred way to go.
  10. Right or wrong, I created a terrain plot as one file, then created a home plan in another file. I can see that I can select the terrain, then copy/paste that into the home's floor plan. The terrain data has the proper orientation N/S/E/W, and I want to move the home design into the terrain plot, but need to rotate the entire home (floor) plan to fit into the terrain plot. (the front of the home and garage must be oriented to the arc of the cul-de-sac) Any thoughts or suggestions? thanks!
  11. Thanks everyone who responded. It turned out to be needing "Foundation- monolithic slab"
  12. I pulled the tile (6"x36" planks) from the Manufacturer's catalog, but when I go to Doll House View, the flooring is running across my halls, instead of lengthwise. ow would one rotate the flooring please? Home Designer Architect 2018
  13. When I look at my design in 3D, the entry door and the garage doors seem to float considerably higher than what appears to be the bottoms of the exterior walls. How would one correct this? Thanks Home Designer Architect 2018