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  1. Hi, It is just this back porch area. Keenan[329] 7.27.20.pdf
  2. Hi, I did have my signature in there but it disappeared. I am currently working the Home Designer 2021. Customer changed there mind after the roof was designed for a balcony. Now I am thinking we should put in a dormer on the back bedroom windows. They also want a gable roof porch. Just started using Chief Architect so I am super new. My boss has been designing for years but just switched over from Cad to this software. Any help would be awesome...I will attach the file. Been working on it all day ;( Keenan[329]_7_27.20.plan
  3. I am all new to this stuff but have been tasked to remove the second floor balcony and replace those doors with windows. In addition, to remove the bay window and replace it with the one on the other side with regular windows. I cant seem to find a tutorial on removing balconies and bay windows and replacing them with normal windows. I use Chief Architect pro and my boss has the 12x. Is there any videos out there you can think of that would help me? Keenan[329] 7.27.20.pdf