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  1. I would like assistance trouble shooting a couple spots on my roof. 1. South west corner of dining room the frieze is not connecting. 2. South (attic?) wall of front porch not generating correctly. 3. South parapet wall of RV garage not displaying full soffit/molding. Plan is in the zip file. I would greatly appreciate any input. Thank you.
  2. Well, I am embarrassed to admit that it was as simple as I must have inadvertently turned textures off. All good now.
  3. I have been working in my plan for a couple hours, everything was fine. Then I opened a full camera in perspective view and it appears like an orthographic view. Tried opening other plans, all perspective views are gone. Tried restarting computer, no help. I'm panicking as I need images in a couple hours. The image below is an example of what I see in full camera. The backsplash is a dal tile mosaic and the floor is a custom material. Suggestions? Thank you
  4. When I attach a soffit to the left of stone, the soffit runs the correct direction but the bull nose molding does not turn vertical. I have tried changing the measurement of the molding but that causes it to stick too far from the wall. It seems like I need 3 dimensions for the molding, but there are only 2. I have attached a picture of my objective and my problem. Thank you.
  5. The exterior elevation of the home has stucco trim/pop-out with stone façade below. Please see attached picture. I made the horizontal trim with a soffit and bullnose molding. I'm stumped on how to make the vertical trim that should run down the left side of the stone. I would appreciate suggestions. Thank you.
  6. You are correct, wall type was the culprit. Thank you kindly for your assistance.
  7. I have created 2nd floor parapet walls following the instruction in user support. The parapet wall is not aligning correctly with the 1st floor (see photo). I have verified that both the first floor wall and the parapet half wall are set to the same width of 6". I have also clicked the icon to align the parapet wall with the wall below. I tried randomly changing the width of the parapet wall to 10" and this had no effect on the visual appearance so width does not seem to be the issue. What else should I check to correct the alignment? Thank you. Software version: Home Designer Pro 2018
  8. Solver, yes, you understand my question correctly. I would like the rod iron railings on top of the shorter retaining walls. Attached is the plan file. Thank you. Retain Wall Example.plan Version Pro 2018
  9. I was able to fake it this time by adding a 60" thick, narrow terrain feature along the inside of the wall and placing the fence on the terrain feature. The ability to place the fence on a retaining wall in future versions would be welcomed. Often my terrain is uneven on both sides of the wall, so this trick wouldn't work. Thank you for your assistance.
  10. I would like to add rod iron railing on top of the side retaining wall, please see attached images. I have read the tutorial demonstrating adding railing above a terrain wall. However, this is not working in my situation because I can not modify the top of a terrain wall to be horizontal. It seems I must use a retaining wall to achieve the horizontal top. I would appreciate any tips to add the railing. Thank you. Version Home Designer Pro 2018