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  1. hue34402

    Offsetting Walls

    I have only used CAD before and have recently tried the architectural version. I am working on a basement design and need to create different walls. In CAD I know you can offset a wall to a certain dimension very easily. However, I do not see this option with this program. What do I use to "offset" walls and know exactly where I am placing them?
  2. I am new to the programs and I'm currently working with the trial of the Architectural version. I had CAD previously and I'm wondering how do you offset the walls? For example, I have an exterior wall and I know that the interior wall is 10' from the exterior wall. How can I know exactly where the wall goes automatically? Does that make sense? In CAD you could just hit "offset", type in how many feet or inches you want something offset by, and it would create a line there.
  3. hue34402

    Product Selection

    I am an interior designer that has previously used CAD and I was recommended this program. I create floor plans, add furnishings, lighting, and sometimes have jobs where I need to create a floor plan and create a plan for a remodel/adding walls/etc/cabinetry/elevations. I downloaded the trial version of the architectural version, but I'm wondering if the Home Designer version would work for all these things as well.