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    Hole in ceiling platform - menu option not visible

    Ah .. Well that explains the mystery at least. I was thinking maybe context sensitive and trying everything - thx Any tips on how I achieve something similar ? I guess I can draw the ceiling in sections leaving a hole. What technique could I use to have a vertical 'well' above running to the roof ? I tried creating a second floor to create the necessary verticals but it wasn't very successful ... Thanks again
  2. I have been looking for the "hole in ceiling platform" command. There is nothing in my menu Under the build floor menu options it is not there Also, in CAD, to convert a polyline I am expecting to see a long list of options. I actually see a much smaller dialog of options - see screen shot of online video v my own installation Neither does the 'Hole...' icon exist in the customise toolbar options I am using the trial version 2018 (Build but understood it to have full functionality
  3. HowieB

    Skylight trouble

    Hi Build is and it is Professional Trial Version (I am taking time to try and get familiar prior to renting or buying) 15 Sept 2017 Running on Mac (will add to signature) It doesn't seem to behave like a wall at all. To 'select' it one has to select the Skylight object. But there is nothing in the Skylight object menu that gives me control over this divider. In reality I would want a number of panes of glass there anyway. eg 3 each side. But at this rate I'd end up with a honeycomb... Other windows are only vertical
  4. HowieB

    Skylight trouble

    I have a problem experimenting with a skylight / lantern window. The idea is almost that from inside it feels like a lantern window but from the outside there is just a part of the roof line which is glass. Because a skylight cannot be angled, I put in two skylights next to each other. The trouble is that I am then automatically given a kind of 'divider wall/ceiling' as per the image, which I am not going to want. Would be grateful for advice.
  5. HowieB

    New user - wall heights

    Genius is a relative term employed for those willing to offer practical help to beginners rather than to those clearly getting bored and pontificating which is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. If you can't be or don't wish to be any help and object to the questions, please do not bother to say anything at all, and leave people to learn in whichever way suits them, from those willing to answer the question asked
  6. HowieB

    New user - wall heights

    LawB10 Genius Will be a useful guide. Many thanks. Currently struggling with roofs and ceilings principles but some slow progress ..
  7. HowieB

    New user - wall heights

    I am sure it is great. However, I am stuck on this. Can you help ?
  8. HowieB

    New user - wall heights

    Not much - I am using the trial software so can't save etc. I want to see if I can get my head around it enough to invest. My first problem is that if I raise the height of a wall I raise the height s all walls. As you can see from my photo, that presents a problem. I want a tall gable exterior wall with a shorter exterior wall where the current conservatory is. So that is problem 1. Next will be that the roof will need to be bespoke I think. Then the ceiling in the conservatory area will be a different height to the kitchen behind it and will need some design / step arrangement. I will then have a skylight well + glass element of pitched roof at the centre. So ceilings and roof are problems two and three - I've not attempted any of that yet but have learned how to turn off auto roof. But can't make progress without the wall issue. Thx
  9. HowieB

    New user - wall heights

    Hi Completely new to this and an admitted amateur trying to do my own drawings. Currently trying out the software to learn it pre renting on a one off basis See attached. There is a glass garden room / conservatory. Needs replacing / rebuilding, which I am trying to design. Note that : - elements of buildings are different heights - rear wall (sometimes internal) is of external build type - roofs are manual and the conservatory roof is butted to the main building - can't see it but the idea is to knock through and create a kitchen / diner. The ceilings will be of different heights So walls, windows, doors, floor plan all feels pretty straight forward, but this ceiling, wall differing wall heights, manual roofs looks daunting. I don't even know the terminology. Any help gratefully received