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  1. Can I change the direction of the wood plank flooring or tile plank flooring? How?
  2. Ambient Occlusion at 12% , unchecked bloom and checked edge smoothing now save as default by going to Edit>Default>Camera general. The camera view is now defaulted to these setting. So perfect. I am pleased with my renderings now. Thank to Eric's help.
  3. Ambient Occlusion setting at 12 has helped. I also turning off the bloom box, took away the blaring ceiling lights. I also made the pendant lights brighter (150 watt). Thank you Eric for your focused help. New Pic
  4. I always close the camera view then retake new view. In each new view the blurring is the same.
  5. I am using 2018 Home Designer Professional. I have a wonderfully powerful computer and Gforce 750 all up to date. I reset the Ambient Occlusion settings starting at 10 to 15 %, This did not have any effect on the blurred (hazy)corners and the lighting is also blurred. I have tried to change the wattage of the bulbs in the recessed lighting and this did not help. I did remove all ceiling lighting and yes I got Less< blurring (hazy) corners, trim etc. Here is a pic.
  6. When I use any camera to render 3D views I get a hazy or fuzzy look at the top corners of the room. It distorts the crown molding on the cabinets too. Also, the recessed lighting is fuzzy and glaring. I have tried to reduce the lighting watts and the glaring is still there. So I have 2 problem - glaring lights and hazy corners. I have the best of graphic software and a high quality computer. I just purchase the 2018 professional home designer. My previous 2014 professional handled rendering very well. I hope someone knows the answer. I have an Envy and Gforce 750 all very much able to handlethis program.
  7. I have Designer Pro. I thought I could change a dimension line to display inches instead of feet. Am I wrong?