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  1. Does anyone know why full perspective view of the external image creates a tiny tiny image you can't see? I cannot get the camera to come out of it for this model. I can create a different plan design and the camera works fine. It is only with this particular design, which I put a lot of work
  2. Program was working great with image full size, but something happened and now the perspective image is super tiny. See image. I am user home designer 2018. I have been working several months now and never had a problem, but now I am unable to see the outside of the house in full size thanks for any help
  3. champton

    Designer Suite 2018 - simple loft area

    Thank you. I used the full camera and all looked correct. I was so focused on the thought I had something wrong.
  4. champton

    Designer Suite 2018 - simple loft area

    The floor camera view.
  5. champton

    Designer Suite 2018 - simple loft area

    Loft - only working to try and figure out this feature. Created a square house, added second level, placed stairs, which states right level etc. using the open below below feature for half the upstairs room and when I go into regular camera view I see the sky and ground on the open below sides. All other views are normal. I have been watching videos and reading for a week and even though I feel I am following videos etc, nothing works. I am playing outside of my house design just to try and figure out this feature. I would appreciate it any help as I feel it must be something simple I am missing. Loft9.plan