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  1. jfishbac

    Corner Fireplace

    Any ideas how to create a fireplace in the corner of a room?
  2. Hidden wall - that was it! Thanks a lot, E-dog. Way to go.
  3. Hi there, Home Designer version: House Plans file: House Plans.plan Brand new to the forum and to Home Designer. I'm in the process of buying my first home and while I'm obsessed with it, I want to design it using this software (which I find awesome so far). In my former life I used CAD software regularly and just picked up HD for the first time last night. Here are my issues... In my house, I have 10' ceilings on the first floor. The second floor has 8' ceilings at their highest point, but the ceiling slopes on the sides where the roof is.What is the best way to handle this type of ceiling/roof interaction?My initial approach is to set the ceiling height to the height where the roof begins to slope on the room's walls at 42" high. I then "build" the roof, and subsequently change the room's ceiling height to 96", leaving an attic space above the ceiling. This seems to work, but it also seems unnecessarily tedious.(Also...is there a name for this type of ceiling? Is this a Cape Cod ceiling?) My home has two sections. The "main" section has a 12:12 roof pitch. The other section, the "kitchen," has a 6:12 pitch. Both roofs are gable style. I was able to get the gable walls to work properly on the main section, but the kitchen section's gable wall does not seem to be working properly. Any suggestions?