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  1. Thanks for the replies!! I love to experiment but this one has me stumped. I did as suggested and did the manual roof building and after a fashion, I've been able to get it to work better. I'll play with it some more and see what I can do with it and post any further questions. Thanks again!!
  2. I am using the latest version of HD pro and so far like it very much. I primarily purchased it so I could create existing homes and then wanted to add additions to it to see how they will look. I'm running into some issues though. I created a two story gable roof house and when I try to put on an addition that is only one story high, the roof does not appear although I have these funky looking walls in the addition that seem to slope up to the eaves of the existing house. I've tried the rail wall approach and also using exterior walls added onto the existing house but for some reason I can't get past this issue. Perhaps someone could give me the best approach to adding an addition so that I can play around with it? I don't mind playing with it but I'm stumped and could not find much in the knowledge base. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for all the input! I ordered the Pro version and when it gets here I will dive in.
  4. Hi all, I am an avid do-it-yourselfer and find myself more and more doing renovation jobs for friends and family...this is not a business, but I find myself wishing I had a program that would help me not only design additions, decks, etc. but visualize them for the people I am doing this for so they have a good idea of what it might look like. More often than not, I am either adding to an existing building or modifying it somehow, both interior and exterior. Up here in Maine we use a lot of monolithic slabs or posts below frost level. The Pro version seems to have a lot more features that allow you to manually adjust framing and other aspects of the building but is it much better than the Architect version? I don't want to buy a version that will frustrate me when I go to change something only to find out there are no options for that. Is the Pro version in your experiences, robust enough to be as flexible as I need? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.