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    Shed Roof Help

    Thanks for your help, @solver and @LawB10! Yes, @LawB10, that's what I was trying to accomplish.
  2. ScoobyDoo

    Shed Roof Help

    Sorry for not being clear enough. I have added the software info to my signature and uploaded my plan file. The issue is the shed roof poking up above all the other roofs. It is supposed to go down not up to match the other rooflines. ZipKit3.plan
  3. ScoobyDoo

    Shed Roof Help

    I'm using Home Designer Suite 2017 and can't get one roof to go the direction I want. Both side walls are full gable walls and the one that is sticking way up is a high shed wall - the same as the bump-out next to it. No idea why it's going that direction. I tried changing the short indented walls from full gables to nothing and then both the bump-out roofs slant sideways instead. I also tried adding a deck in between - that fixes the problem, but we don't want a deck there and need to show a more "interesting" roof for our Design Review Committee to accept it, which is why we want it to indent there. Any suggestions would be appreciated!