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    411 on setting up layouts

    I need a quick 101 how to for the layouts. I am a Kitchen and Bath designer and I need the options to reflect 1/4"or 1/2"scale. Can anyone assist me with this matter. THANKS! Also, Since the fee for the software are so high, and training seminars are additional fees does anyone know where I can get quick tips FOR KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGN only on chief architect?Thanks!
  2. I am new to the software, and have had NO training, hence why I flood these feeds with Q & A 24/7... Currently I am trying to view if my Polyline solid worked correctly ( which it didnt) but as I try to view that some other structure/ building is in the 3D view even though there is nothing in the floor plan view. How do i get rid of this mysterious extra layout? Thanks! -Mel