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    Bay Window Roof Question

    Thank you all for the quick responses. Removing the "auto rebuild" function on the roof and then using the material painter worked perfectly. I appreciate all the helpful suggestions. Thanks!
  2. ThreeKingsConst

    Bay Window Roof Question

    Hello All, I'm a new user of the Home Designer products, and have thoroughly enjoyed the software thus far. I'm having an issue changing the roof material over a bay window only. I have a bay window on the front elevation on a full gable wall. I'd like to edit the material to copper just over the bay window section while leaving the rest of the roof material a CertainTeed laminated shingle that I downloaded from the provided catalog. I've tried using the material painter, and have also tried breaking the wall on either side of the window to no avail. Any recommendations and/or help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if any other information is needed, and I'd be glad to provide whatever information possible. I'm working in Home Designer Architectural 2015. Thanks.