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  1. hmcleay

    Interesting Roof Layout

    Thanks! I think I've started having some success. Getting used to how 'ceiling height' for a defined room will dictate the roof height. Attached is where I've got to now. Had some trouble with the corner 'opening'. The best I could achieve is a corner window, edited to make it look like a full height opening. The blue roof plane falls away from the house, so I can't see that as a problem. pod structure.plan
  2. hmcleay

    Interesting Roof Layout

    Hi Solver, Thanks for your quick response. I've updated my signature as per your suggestion. However, I think that relying on signature to specify the user's specific software product is troublesome, because in 10 years' time a user might update their signature to reflect their current software licenses, but then this also updates their signature on ALL their older posts. So the historical posts will lose the context of which software package they relate to. IMO, it's much more robust to state the package (and year) in body of a post. I've updated my OP to show the roof falls on the plan view. I don't actually have a meaningful Suite file that is worth sharing. Those attached images are from Solidworks CAD. At this stage, all I've managed to do in Suite is draw the main existing house, then attempt to draw the 'pod' intersecting with the main house, which then causes all the roof structure to go wrong. Hence reaching out to this forum to find out what the correct way to lay out the walls should be to facilitate 'tuning' the roof structure to my needs. Thanks, Hugh.
  3. hmcleay

    Interesting Roof Layout

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to Home Designer (Suite 2018), and am having trouble with the roof layout of my proposed house extension. Attached are some screenshots (from CAD) of what I'm trying to achieve. The red block is the existing house. The green and blue blocks are effectively one large room (we're calling it a 'pod'), which has a stepped roof. Both roof surfaces on this pod are sloped in one direction only, so I think I need to use the 'High Shed Wall' option to achieve this. The pod effectively butts into the corner of the existing house, and the internals will just be a large opening between the two structures. When trying to draw this in Home Designer, I'm getting stuck with knowing which wall types to use, so that I can build the correct roof shapes. Can anyone please advise how I should lay out the external walls, to facilitate correct building of the roof structures? I've also watched a few tutorials, and I'm starting to wonder whether I need to add a 2nd storey to achieve the raised section on the green roof. Thanks in advance, Hugh.
  4. hmcleay

    Person in model

    That's great! Thanks @DavidJPotter
  5. hmcleay

    Person in model

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to place a person in the model. I've tried searching for 'person' and 'body', without success. I'm using Home Designer Suite. Thanks in advance, Hugh.