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  1. OldContractor

    Gently curved lines

    Thank you so much for your thorough and thoughtful reply, David. Easy-Peasy!
  2. OldContractor

    Gently curved lines

    I'm trying to create the classic architects leader arrow with two gentle curves. I know I saw this being done in one of the training videos with just a couple of clicks. I've put in my time looking through the videos and trying to figure it out. I know it probably involves "Break Line" and/or "Line-to-Arc", but I can't figure out how to blend the breaks into gentle curves. Thanks!
  3. OldContractor

    Automatic Stepped Foundations

    Solver, thank you for your reply. You helped me see the error in my thinking. When it said, "... more than one floor height on Floor 1," I was thinking floor height above terrain. Wishful thinking, I guess, wishing that HD could recognize my sloped terrain and build stepped foundations automatically. That would be a great feature! In the meantime, I will get busy manually building my stepped footings!
  4. OldContractor

    Automatic Stepped Foundations

    HD Pro 2017. I'm trying to create a stepped foundation that follows my sloped terrain. There is a help article entitled Foundations and the Terrain with a sub-heading Stepped Foundations. It says, "A stepped foundation will be produced automatically if more that one floor height is present on Floor 1 when the foundation is built." I can't figure out how to assign more than one floor height to Floor 1 in order to meet this requirement. Thanks for any suggestions.