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    trying to get started

    Solver, thank you for your assistance. I have done this quick start or at least tried to work with it but items like holding the space bar down and clicking a wall to change a measurement doesn't work on some walls, listing a measurement to adjust an interior wall moves an entire outside wall as compared to the inside wall to the deminsion that I want (yes I am in the correct setting according to the video). The camera icon as well as others are not highlighted and then poof they are. I have watched and read and clicked and tried all different things and what I have not found is a constant, ie. click this and this will happen as for turning icons on or off, etc. These issues have no answers in help menu that I can find, and when I can't get a wall deminsion to come up to make a change to it, I can't make the design work and this is all from just following the quick start video. Trying to become familiar with how the program operates is much easier if it operates. Any ideas on this would be appreciated.
  2. Retired1

    trying to get started

    Trying to learn this program, have watched hours of tutorial videos, spent hours trying to get a floor plan to work from the tutorials and still haven't been able to get a simple floor plan done. Can anybody make any recommendations on what is the best way to learn this program? (Home Design Pro 2018) Any idea why the camera icon as well as a number of others aren't highlighted and won't work? I even reloaded the program no luck. I can get to the camera via the menu bar but not the icon.