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  1. Yay!!!! Jo_Ann, that worked! So happy. Thank you everyone that provided thoughtful help.
  2. Thankyou, LawB10. OK, I am attaching my plan file this time. So I did what I understood you to be saying: Went back to Roof Trial 1 Added a second floor (to just the cabin area, not porch). Dropped rough ceiling height to 12". Set second floor North and South walls to gable Set pitch on cabin East and West walls to 12" on top floor (that just created a gable roof, so then set upper pitch to 12", lower pitch to 3" on top and bottom floors) Lowered roof pitch to 3" for all rail walls Result is not what I see in your pic, so something is not right. I tried raising the ceiling of porch so roofs would line up but it went back to the roof merge problem, then tried adding second floor over porch, same problem, Cabin Layout2.plan
  3. I am trying to get Home Designer Suite 2015 to build a hip roof over a porch that is attached to a gull wing roof over my cabin (goal = pic with green roof). The best I can get is shown in pic titled "roof trial" (the pic with flatter roof" and "roof trial2" the pic with almost perfect roof. The wall settings are the same for both: Cabin East and West walls: nothing checked at the top. Lower Pitch 4/12, Upper Pitch 11/12 (12" from baseline), Overhang 18". Cabin South and North walls: Full Gable checked. Wall break where porch begins Porch East and west walls: nothing checked at the top. Pitch 4/12 Porch North wall: nothing checked at the top. Pitch 2.5/12 Roof Trial 1 problem: The roof build by Home Designer is trying to combine both roof into 1. I tried removing the overhang on the North wall, but that didn't help. To fix this problem I attempted to help the roof creator to separate the roofs by separating the porch and cabin. I pulled the east and west porch walls back 18" and connected them with another wall with "full gable" checked. As you can see in "Roof Trial 2", the roof pitch settings are correct to get the affect I want, however another roof section has been created over the foundation between the 2 "rooms" and there is not a wall showing on the gable.