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  1. Doug_N

    Rail Posts/Newels on Porch

    If breaking the railing (wall) makes the foundation disappear it is because the wall has become discontinuous. That means there is a gap between the end of one wall and the beginning of the next segment, or, one segment has been changed to NO ROOM DEFINITION. Make sure that box is not checked. Make sure all of the wall segments are touching end to end. The entire perimeter of the room has to be continuously surrounded by walls.
  2. Doug_N

    Rail Posts/Newels on Porch

    Mariodajti said in a private message: Hello Doug, First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time out to further assist me in trying to figure this out and resolve the issue. I did not think of that great idea and it seems to work. The only thing is, is the foundation for me disappears when I break the wall and make it invisible. How do I prevent that from happening? Best, Mario Dajti And I followed all these steps and still the same thing. The foundation disappears. I repeated every step just like you instructed. I am not sure why I am having this problem. I made the railing around the whole porch like you said, then added the post, and used the wall break tool at the intersection and did the next steps. So I replied: Ok, sorry to hear that. Try this. Make a square with railings. Break one wall using the wall break tool. Does the room still exist? Make sure that both sections of the railing wall are still touching. Regards Doug
  3. Doug_N

    Rail Posts/Newels on Porch

    So here is another solution to the problem. Lots of good suggestions here on this forum. This was created with CA Premium, but it should work with HD as well. Capture 01.wmvPlatform and Columns.plan