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  1. chsdiyer

    Help with dormer

    Thanks solver! Cool idea on the added dormers. I'll show that to my decision maker and see what she thinks. It's similar to the two story design we originally did. We're going with one story now so I can do more of the construction my self, and I really like the Louisiana Cottage look.
  2. chsdiyer

    Help with dormer

    Sorry, I had put in my profile that I had HD Pro 2017, but it didn't show up in my thing on the left. I guess I put it under interests. meant to mention it in the last post as well.
  3. chsdiyer

    Help with dormer! Thank you so much! I think that is the best help i've ever received from a forum! I accidentally attached the wrong house plan, but the one I'm working with still has similar issues to what you've highlighted in that video. I didn't know what those other roof plane lines were that were out of place so I ignored them or tried to delete them or just put them with the end of roof plane line...making a mess. I've uploaded my latest of what i'm working with, just if your interested (back porch is incomplete. Trying to get a taller beam across my newels than what the default was. Going with manually placed soffits). Again, thanks for the help/education and all the time you saved me! maybe_garage_moved_back_bathroom_in_middle.plan
  4. chsdiyer

    Help with dormer

    Well I got it working now. I moved the joint where the two roof edges met further toward the back and then declared the 6" exterior wall as a knee wall.
  5. chsdiyer

    Help with dormer

    Thanks for the response Solver. Sorry, I didn't even think about posting my plan. There is a covered porch and I am trying to post the dormer where the two roofs meet. I'm not sure if this is how it should be done in the real world or not, but That's kind of the look we're going for....kind of the "Louisiana Cottage" look. I looked through the dormer help document a couple of times and that got me further than when I was starting on this, but still confused as to what's keeping the back dormer from working out like the first is. maybe_garage_moved_back.plan I tried moving the roof planes back so the dormer wouldn't be on the edge of the two but it tells me existing walls are in the way.
  6. chsdiyer

    Help with dormer

    I'm trying to create two dormers (one in front and one in back). I seem to be missing a fundamental component to how they work. I can create one but when I try to move it toward the front/back it disappears with error messages. I finally got the front one in the place I want it, but the one for the rear of the house I can't figure out for the life of me. I just want to move it 6" or so toward the back, but I can't move it at all without it disappearing. The interior walls are classified as knee walls. The exterior wall may be a self generated wall (not sure if that matters) and it was continuous across the wall. I put a break in it to see if i could slide the dormer into that space, but could not. The other image is the one that I got working. Can someone please advise how to get it fixed?