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  1. The current plan is still in development, so things like the outdoor shower aren't finished. It's just something the homeowner wanted me to show in the plan, but we aren't sure where it will end up going yet. This is a beach house which will be built on pilings, so the ground floor isn't habitable as it's in a flood zone. It doesn't even have to be enclosed, but we will just for looks. The pool will be an infinity-edge pool, which is why there's one side with no railing!
  2. I've submitted a ticket on this to the support team.
  3. Indeed at one time I had painted onto parts of the roof like the fascia, and I was hoping that the program would be able to override that with new materials from the roof defaults when I deleted all the roof planes and rebuilt them, but apparently not.
  4. The Materials settings are in agreement between both the "Build Roof" Dialog - "Materials" tab" (attached pic), and the "Edit - Default Settings - Materials - Roof", which is what I first posted and has the "Roof Defaults" in the upper left. As far as which part of the roof is wrong, for example the fascia, which is showing as "Beige Ribbed Metal" instead of the default which I current show as "Default: Log End". Yes, I know Log End is crazy but I tried a lot of different ones and I just wanted to see if anything different than the "Beige Ribbed Metal" would take.
  5. I can't seem to get the roof default materials to apply to roofs in my plan. Attached are the plan and two pics showing what I have the roof default materials set to, and what the materials that actually get built, from one of the roof planes. I have deleted all the roofs and re-built them with auto-roofs, and they still keep the materials from the "fasci_prob_roof_mat.jpg" file, rather than the default roof materials from "fasci_prob_roof_def_mat.jpg" file. What am I missing? Thanks in advance, Alvar
  6. LawB10, The polyline that you were referring to was the gable roof line that I had manually added to get the hip roof to extend it over the porch. While removing it and changing the settings on the walls does generate good hip roof and porch roof, it doesn't completely give what I was after, which was the porch roof, and the extension of the hip roof. The attached pic shows on the right what I get with your method, and on the left what I was after, which I was able to get with Eric's suggestion, which is available in HD Pro. Thanks, Alvar
  7. Thanks very much for your quick help Eric. The Roof Baseline Polyline worked perfectly! I will report the soffit problem to support. LawB10, I don't know which polyline or walls you are referring to, so I could give your solution a try, but thanks for responding! I'm all set now with Eric's solution. -Alvar
  8. Attached is a pic (and the plan) of a problem I'm having with the roofs in the area above a front porch on a corner of a staggered front wall. Automatic roofs will generate a hip roof on the second floor, but I wanted the to extend the second floor hip roof in the most inward portion above the porch, so I did that with the gable line tool. That all worked well, but the automatic roof tool doesn't want to generate a complete roof over the porch, so I had to manually extend the roof over the porch, which also seems to be working at first view. The problem is that the area under the second floor roof which is above the porch roof gets a gap where there's no boxed eaves or soffit. I've tried countless things but to no avail. Any help would be most appreciated. I generated this plan as a simple example which shows the same problem that my real plan is having. ann roof.plan