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    Second Floor Help Needed

    Thank you! This is my house. I bought home designer to model some facade changes and subsequently build out a deckscape. It requires me building my house first :)! I will heed your and Eric's advice.
  2. LandB_Properties

    Second Floor Help Needed

    Hi, Thank you very much for your pointers and assistance! I'm sorry I didn't have a roof shown, I attempted the second floor many times and when I added the roof it made my model confusing, so I never saved it. I did watch some of the videos, but all the lessons I found seemed to only show roofs on basic, box houses. I didn't see any that showed how roofs are used together with the second floor or multiple "sections". Could you recommend a specific video that would have helped me learn the skills to accomplish this design? I will try to post more specifically in the future! Thank you again! Did you repost the plan or just an image?
  3. LandB_Properties

    Second Floor Help Needed

    Hi Eric, Thank you. See revised post. Any help is appreciated.
  4. LandB_Properties

    Second Floor Help Needed

    I am trying to model this house in Home Designer PRO 2018. I am having difficulty with the second floor and all the roof lines (multiple roof heights, large dormer, etc.). Any help is appreciated. My House.plan