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    Shed roof dormers + shed roof porches on cape cod?

    I am having this same issue. I have drawn the three walls and classified them as gable walls. But once I do this it's like I am unable to select the side walls and modify them. I have watched the videos and went through step by step but I am still struggling with this for some reason. I am running CA X9 but when I google the issue this link came up and its been recent so I figured I would post my problem here. I have tried breaking the front wall at the dormer width and set that broken section to a shed/high roof but in the attach plan you can see the craziness I am dealing with. This is as close as I can get to be "correct" but it seems so far away. Lol In the solution to the OP: I assume that the roof is to be built on the first floor correct? Do you raise/lower the roof from the ceiling height in the roof height section of the roof settings? Do the three walls for the dormer need to be drawn on the second floor or first floor? When I draw the front wall of the dormer is gets incorporated in the main front wall of the house and I can't modify it. I feel like it's something small/simple that I am missing but I just can't seem to figure it out. Attached is the test plan that I am working with now. I have removed the walls of the dormer area since I wasn't having any luck with them working. Dormer Test.plan