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  1. In doing my best to recreate the steps I took to get here. I am trying to recreate an existing home, so I can show the homeowner my ideas for a renovation project. 1. Built main home structure on floor 1 2. Used build foundation to get a floor 0 under main structure, 3. Then moved to floor 0 to resize foundation to match my on site measurements and input all my additional foundation measurements 4. Moved back up to floor 1 with reference floor display turned on in order edit main structure walls to match foundation below and to build exterior walls around breezeway addition and garage 5. I did not want to build walls on rear room because I knew I had to step the foundation 6. Could not find an easy way to edit the stem wall height on rear room without also raising up the footing! Or converting them to Pony walls. 7. Resorted to a 3D view and editing the height of the stem wall to something randomly lower than the main structure, about 2 ft 8. Back to 2D view to extend exterior walls around rear room, opened a 3D view and noticed the rear room was cantilevered out and one of the sill plates on the main structure is now missing. When I perform a [build framing] the sill plate is missing also, along with a section of the sill plate missing over my bulkhead door. NOTE: The way this home's original foundation structure was built all the casement and doorways use the house's sill plate as their "Header/Jamb" there is no concrete above the cellar door or casement windows. I need to drop my garage stem wall height also, so I may run into the same problems. See Attached photo for reference. 91-River-Road-exact-Foundation 9-1-2017.plan 91-River-Road-exact-Foundation 9-1-2017.plan
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    Missing Sill Plate Creates GAP at top of stem wall

    Hello Eric, Thank you for responding to my question. I have seen you respond to many questions, I was hoping you would respond to mine. So I have to frame my first floor before I build the foundation? I understand when designing a house plan it is nice to have the foundation magically show up later and move around as you make changes, however when working with an existing foundation and structure it would be nice if the program worked in reverse. It is a challenge to get accurate dimensions on an older home with none plywood siding, local clapboards, then plywood sheathing, and on top of that vinyl siding! Thank you Jonathan