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    Exploding or Ungrouping Imported Sketchup Object

    Thank you, David. I'll double-check with the .skp creator of course. I did see there were a few people on the CA and HD forums looking for Ikea objects, so maybe this will help them out.
  2. CdnGuy

    Exploding or Ungrouping Imported Sketchup Object

    Hi David, Thank you for confirming what I suspected. I used to use Sketch Up a lot when it was still with Google, so I should be able to pick it up again pretty quickly. When I separate out the cabinets into individual elements, is ok for me to share those with other CA or HD users? Assuming that the creator of the original .skp is good with that, of course.
  3. Can an object imported from a Sketchup .skp file be ungrouped or exploded? I've found a file for the Ikea Sektion cabinets, but when imported in to Home Designer Pro 2018, all the cabinets come in as one object. I'd like to be able to separate out the individual cabinets for use in my plan, but can't seem to find a way. I suspect the answer is to do the ungrouping in Sketchup or Sketchup Pro and then import the individual cabinets, but thought I'd ask here first in case anyone knows a different way. If anyone is looking for Ikea Sektion cabinets to use in their design, I found this Sketchup file at
  4. Nailed it. Thank you again, Solver.
  5. Thank you, Solver. Signature updated. Of all the technical things I do, CAD is my weakest skill related to construction. Demolition is probably my best.
  6. I'm trying to re-create my home in HomeDesigner Pro 2018 so I can plan and document our renovations. But I'm running into some trouble because it is a balloon framed one and a half story home. The exterior wall studs are about 13' in length, providing the structure for both the first and second floors. First floor is about 8' to the bottom of the ledger board. Second floor exterior walls are about 4' high. The rafters are birds-mouthed on to the plate around the second floor. There is a collar tie about 8' from the floor of the second floor. This is where the ceiling is, but I can't seem to re-create that. There are no knee walls on the second floor. How can I make the exterior walls on the second story only 4' and have the ceiling be at the collar tie at the 8' mark? I either end up with a 4' ceiling or a vaulted ceiling right now.